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LettersFall 100%™


(This game is powered by JeZ+Lee's "S.D.L.® PerfecT+EnginE™" game engine)




(for P.C. Windows® 2000/XP/2003/Vista/2008 computers)


"LettersFall 100%™" Version 1.34 Features:

Play a 100% FREE perfect word game

that combines Tetri_ and Scrabbl_

with amazing graphics, sound, and music

on your PC Windows based computer!


- Small game size downloads and installs in seconds -

- 100% FREE fun -

- Runs 100% on ANY computer with Windows operating system -

- Play a game that combines Tetri_ and Scrabbl_ -

- Beautiful full color and high resolution visual graphics -

- Awesome digital sound effects -

- Amazing CD quality digitally orchestrated music jukebox soundtrack -

- Easy to play mouse controls -

- Three difficulty settings -

- Saved game preferences -

- Saved high scores table for each difficulty setting -

- Features a 20,000+ word American English dictionary -

- Fun, exciting, and educational too! -

- NEW in 1.34: Can pause game in progress by pressing [Esc] key on keyboard -


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