Worm Run

Worm Run is an infinite runner with jetpacks, featuring a small, vulnerable protagonist, who is on the run from the giant hairy worm, who wants to eat him. He runs from it in a long, narrow cave which becomes narrower and narrower which, incidentally, an example case Freud would show to his colleagues, showing a

Ultra Moto 3D

So, after a long pause, we’re finally back to reviewing Android games. This long pause wasn’t because we think that Android is a lesser platform – not at all. It’s the publishers and developers who think it is. Which means that often, games that are being released are too primitive to create a full review

Turbo River Racing

To be frank, I’m pretty sure that Turbo River Racing is anything but forgettable. Unfortunately, it’s unforgettable mostly because of the completely bonkers enemies you encounter, as well as sheer ridiculousness of some moments in it. That said, Turbo River Racing is quite enjoyable. It’s fairly bad, but not in the game-ruining way, so I’m

Trenches II

Trenches II made me think of something: how come there are so few games about World War I? Of course, it happened a relatively long time ago, compared to its more popular sequel that also featured a much higher body count, as well as a very charismatic villain, who still isn’t forgotten from the collective

Up In Flames

And here’s yet another game that decides that dragons should be funny, cuddly little things, who only want peace all over the world and a lot of teddy-bears and not, in fact, for the same whole world to go up in flames, taking every mortal along with it. Dragon Preservation Society is going to be