To be frank, I’m pretty sure that Turbo River Racing is anything but forgettable. Unfortunately, it’s unforgettable mostly because of the completely bonkers enemies you encounter, as well as sheer ridiculousness of some moments in it. That said, Turbo River Racing is quite enjoyable. It’s fairly bad, but not in the game-ruining way, so I’m a little puzzled, whether I should give it three or four stars. In any case, in this game you need to race down quite unusual water space on your vehicle. There are four different environments you swim through, every single one having different obstacles, as well as really awkward and hilarious enemies, like creepy eyes-gouging sharks, or creepy, eyes-gouging crocodiles. As you ride through them, you need to collect coins, as well as pass through hoops, which get more and more difficult to follow. When you pass all four environments, you get a bonus round, where you get a chance to collect some bonus coins. If you skipped even a single hoop, you get straight to the new lap, repeating all four environments again. Although it is sort of tedious, it’s not really bad, and you can get a kick out of it, if you’re into this.

The vehicles look pretty significantly different, but on practice, only differ by the amount of lives they get, before breaking. The controls are very easy. Just tilt the device to make your self-propelled boat turn to the side, and that’s it. The whole game is really simple, you simply need to evade whatever obstacles are getting thrown your way, and you’ve got it all covered. And it’s not like the whole thing is exceptionally difficult, either. On the other hand, I wish it would have several difficulty levels, making the whole thing faster, because it’s all so slow and tedious, even in the advanced levels, that you spend about an hour, just going through the motions. The game has modest graphics, although the “enemies” that you need to evade, are a different thing altogether, and one should also note the completely creepy omnipotent voice, shouting whatever jumping tricks you perform. Speaking of tricks, I still have no idea, how to do them, and it seems that you shouldn’t actually do anything, for the boat to flip itself in the most unrealistic ways.

In general, Turbo River Racing is a fun game, but it lacks features, and randomness: although it’s presented as an infinite runner, its levels follow a very straight generation path, without any real variety. Although it’s just too primitive to be on the level with four-starred games, I don’t want to say that it’s a bad title. It’s certainly entertaining, if a somewhat repetitive.

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