We choose for you the 10 popular games and apps for Android and iOS, and in this article, we will tell you about the most interesting innovations that have emerged in the App Store and Google Play in October.


RPG Marenian Tavern Story

  • Developer: Kotobuki Solution Co., Ltd.
  • Cost: $6.99

Studio KEMCO every few months publishes and translates the role-playing game. The latest creation these developers the game is “Tavern Marenian Story”, a mix of RPG and time management.

Actually, the full name of this game – “Marenian Tavern Story: Patty And The Hungry God”, and it is possible to immediately assume that the main character’s name is Patty. In the story, Patty’s brother by accident topple the monument. Suddenly, out of nowhere, there is a small animal similar to a rabbit, which my brother decided to feed. As a result, the animal followed them, and Patty’s brother came home from where they were immediately evicted for debt.

How did it happen? It turns out that this creature is the “God of Poverty”, which was sealed in the monument and broke free. And brother, feed him, made with him a Covenant, and now he is associated with him for a long time.

To get rid of this idol would have to establish a new tavern and make it the best in the Kingdom. Not an easy task, but quite feasible. Especially if you can find true friends and experience with the amazing adventures.

That’s what you’ll be doing the entire game. The gameplay can be divided into two components, and each is worth discussing in more detail.

What do you need for cooking? Right, ingredients. The part can be grown on the farm, some to buy in the store, but the main source products in the game “Marenian Tavern Story” is the study of the world. To do this you have to roam around the woods/fields, to crush enemies on the ingredients and assemble them.

Like in a normal RPG, the game offers turn-based battles. You hit, you hit. Below you can see the scale of action to plan the attack intelligently. What distinguishes role-playing system this game? For defeating the monster you will get experience to gain levels. Only on the development of skills. Scored products? Well, it’s time to move on to the second phase of the game.

Of these products want to cook the recipes. You can also buy in the store, to reinvent yourself through trial and error, or ask around from people and read books in the cities. Then, in the presence of a sufficient amount of ingredients, proper tools and recipe you can cook.

Meals can be served in the tavern, visitors, feed God to receive gifts or to eat. In the latter case, you will get the same experience on a higher level. What dish is more difficult, the more experience you get.

Visitors come to buy food selective and you have to follow the demand for a particular dish to be a successful innkeeper.

At first, all the gameplay looks great and not repetitive, a sort of mobile version of the game series “Atelier”, not only about alchemy, and about cooking. But over time, this scheme reveals a problem, which affects any game genre time management: monotony and monotony. And so until then, until you reach your goal: get rid of the God of poverty and regain their home.

Of course, it is diluted by a plot inserts, but then it continues at the same pace.

I would like to note the presence of the second currency and in-game purchases to acquire it. She needed to speed up the game, but we can safely live without it, as it regularly drops from monsters. For crystals, you can buy several additional fields, a powerful weapon at the start of the game and all sorts of improvements for the tavern.

In General, “Marenian Tavern Story” is a pretty good game. It stands out nice graphics, by today’s standards an unusual storyline and distinctive gameplay that combines elements of RPG and time management.


Layton: Curious Village in HD

  • Developer: Level-5 Inc.
  • Cost:  $9.99

In most quests consist of missions, “find/point-and-click”. This type is called point’n’click. But there is a very unusual quest, among which is “Layton Curious Village”. This year the game has received an HD re-release and came out on mobile devices, although it originally appeared in 2007, thanks to the company Level-5 on Nintendo DS.

In the story, Professor Layton and his assistant Luke were invited to the village Miser to search for the treasure called the Golden Apple. But while no one knows how it looks. When you delve into the research, you will realize that the whole village is one big mystery.

The plot, of course, spectacular. At first all seems perfectly simple, but gradually you will begin to delve deeper into his troubles, one thing will be superimposed on the other and this will lead to a rather unexpected finale. Although if you play the parts, not the whole thread can be lost. With every download you will tell the recent events, and in the journal you can read the whole story. But the game is interesting because of the plot.

The game is “Layton Curious Village in HD” won the recognition of its gameplay. Although you have to walk around the city in search of evidence, the main burden is on the solution of mysteries. They can ask everyone in the city and even if you carefully study the environment, you can also find puzzle. Sometimes even comes to the ridiculous. In the mansion of the dead man, you are one of the suspects, and then the inspector says: “And do you want to solve the riddle?” What?!?

All you have to solve over 130 puzzles of varying difficulty. They’ll check out virtually all your options: logic, numeracy, observation and much more. Some are very simple, which can be solved in a jiffy. Others will make you tear the hair on your head or turn to Google.

The first thing that catches the eye when you turn on the game — the portrait screen orientation, broken into two parts. Apparently, Level-5 decided to do to make the experience from the port identical to the original. At first it was very annoying, but then you get used.

The top screen is given over to landscapes, city map or description of the mysteries. Lower need for interaction with the scene, characters, selection of responses and similar cases. The only problem with this division is that it is sometimes difficult to see the answers to some mysteries due to the small size of the bottom part.

“Layton Curious Village in HD” is a very extraordinary adventure with elements of puzzles and more puzzles with elements of quest. The game has extraordinary gameplay, intriguing story and the revised schedule. Split screen initially causes inconvenience, but this small flaw interrupts other advantages of the game.


  • Developer: Broken Rules
  • Cost: $2,99

In October, developers from the Studio Broken Rules has introduced its new puzzle “ELOH” whose purpose is to relax the player with music and color. Those of you who liked their previous creation, the quest “Old Man’s Journey”, definitely can not go past this game.

Just note that the plot of the game is missing. He is here not really necessary. There’s just you, speaker, drum and good spirits, similar to African masks.

The goal is to conduct sound from the speaker to the drum. To do this your disposal there are various obstacles and, in fact, these good spirits. Differences of spirits from obstructions not too much. So, you can rearrange them on almost every noted place, and the obstacles either do not move or move in the intended path.

But the main difference is that each spirit has its own rhythm, in contact with sound and changes its “color” to match the color of the drum.

One of the nice things in the game that you will not hurry. There is no limit either in time or by moves. There is no need to collect stars. You simply enjoy the game on their own terms.

The graphics are very simple. Several backgrounds blue/green, four spirits with relevant speakers, membranes, and so on. And, actually, everything. But it’s a puzzle game, which goal is to relax the player, so fancy graphics are not needed here. In these types of games, the simpler the better.

In General, “ELOH” would not differ from other games of such a plan, if not for the audio component. When you switch the speaker comes the melody and rhythm that will sound upon contact with obstacles or spirits, and the more touches, the more interesting. But if speakers a few, all manipulations create unusual music. Therefore, in this puzzle always interesting, even if you haven’t built the right way.

As in any game, which is tied to music, “ELOH” is not worth playing without sound. Of course, you can, but the impression of it will be quite wrong. Each collision with an obstacle or a mask creates a unique sound, and all together – a kind of melody.

In General, “ELOH” is worth playing, if you are interested in music. You will not find here neither the story nor the graphics gorgeous, but it is “ELOH” manages to catch you and force you to play it. Here are all set to help you relax. Colors, the unpretentious motif and more. Just relax and have fun.


  • Developer: 10tons Ltd
  • Price: $8,99

JYDGE” is not new, but very high-quality cross-platform game from the Studio 10tons, which can now be purchased with a good discount.

The plot of the shooter takes place in a dystopian future as imagined in the late 20th century. The main character is a policeman named Jydge with the power to punish the bad guys, free hostages and seize the contraband. At its disposal, there is a wide range of weapons, including robust firearms Gavel with different modes and the ability to upgrade.

Playing for Jydge, you will carry out various missions for the successful completion of which you will get points for uprgade and customization of weapons. You should exercise extreme caution, otherwise, you risk being caught off guard by enemy fire.

All of your enemies in “JYDGE” rather monotonous. Noticing you, or a runaway hostage, they begin the chase and open fire. Enemies equipped with different weapons but, except this, in all battles the impression that you are fighting random street thugs. Still, I wish the opponents differed among themselves not just with weapons, but in battles with each of them it was necessary to use different methods.

As for the graphics, the “JYDGE” there are several options available to allow you to customize the game for your device. The futuristic design might seem familiar, especially to fans of “Robocop”. You could even say that “JYDGE” is something between a “goonie” and “Judge Dredd”.

The visual style and music are a real highlight of the game. Urban and the office building are equipped with neon accents, has a double meaning. They not only complement the landscape, but also indicate interactive objects and doorways that otherwise would be almost impossible to detect.

Rumble bass synthesizer creates the impression that somehow you were in the good old COP action and play as one of the cops. We must pay tribute to “JYDGE”, very few games can boast a soundtrack that is able to so vividly convey the atmosphere of battle in the dark night streets of the metropolis.

The mechanics of the game is simply amazing – the best feedback of movements and sight is hard to imagine. But there is a slight drawback. When the auto-aiming is not always possible to force the character to open fire. The rotation of the reticle works fine, but as soon as you need to shoot, the controls may suddenly cease to respond or respond very slowly. The problem can be solved by setting the settings to manual aim. When you configure the scope manually, there are no faults and the character shoots as soon as you wish.

Missions consist mainly in destroying targets, rescuing hostages and getting items. However, from time to time you will come across other tasks, for example, not to break things or go unnoticed.

As in other games where there is a stealth mode, missions using it is quite complex. However, the “JYDGE” supports unlocking items and upgrades, which means you can not use stealth mode if you don’t want.

Each mission consists of three jobs and eventually opened three more with a high level of complexity. So, after a few hours of play, there is a third level of difficulty, and you’ll find yourself at lower levels, but pass them you have a whole new way.


Rise Up 

  • Developer: Serkan Özyılmaz
  • Cost: free

To know the main trends in the world of mobile games is simple — just go to any public transport and look at the screens of the smartphones of passengers. At the time, the owners of mobile devices would lie in wait for Angry Birds, then I was nervous because of the high complexity of Flappy Bird, and then plunged into the magical cubes of 2048. Nowadays these games came a balloon of “Rise Up”. It effectively kills your free time and delays no worse than all the above-mentioned masterpieces.

The game is “Rise Up” is a worthy contender for the best time-killer. To this end, it has everything you need. The game is free, the point is simple, and for the passage of only one hand. All this adds endless gameplay, so the game is exactly like you.

Meaning “Rise Up”: the main character is flying up a balloon filled with helium. Actually, that’s why the game received this name. Also on the Board is the so-called patron. It’s a figure of solid material, of which you will manage. Your task is to break the obstacles encountered and to protect the ball. To it nothing should touch it. Otherwise, the level will have to start all over again.

To complete the task much more difficult than it seems. First, the obstacles are many, and each of them has a different form. For example, it may be a triangle of stones, a band of stars or many small balls. Secondly, broken pieces break into small pieces, each of which tries to burst the ball flies. Thirdly, the figures of the force of gravity. If we discard the stones up, they will come back, so the main character will have to defend several times.

For the diversity of the developers added to the game in different skins for the balls. Patrons come in different forms. In addition to the usual ball, triangle, circular saw and even a kind of shield of Captain America. Bored here just do not have.

At the moment the game is “Rise Up” for more than 50 million downloads and more than 640 thousands of ratings. The average score is 4 stars. Most of the negative reviews associated with the advertising in the app, so it is possible to disconnect the Internet for the duration of gaming sessions.

Reigns: Game of Thrones

  • Developer: Devolver Digital
  • Cost:  $3.99

“Reigns” and “Game of Thrones” is very popular worldwide, but in October there was a game “Reigns: Game of Thrones,” which combined both series into one.

This time, instead of the rebirth of the same ruler in time, you will play the different characters around the same time.

You choose the ruler of the iron throne that the number of proposed and try to sit on it as long as possible. But it will be very difficult since a key feature of “Reigns” will not go away, and in addition to the conspiracy, murder, and much more.

A key feature of the game is that you need to strike a balance between the four factions. If you’re not to follow one of them, you’ll die. But compared to previous installments, the new game is even better and more interesting: the scenarios became more, there were interesting characters and the result is you have a lot of new features to help.

For example, you can collect the Board and present will offer you options for the development of the Kingdom. For example, you can try to negotiate with the Nations, or the houses of Westeros, and if diplomacy fails, to go to war against them. Not the fact that you reach, as you can kill on the road, and not the fact that you will win the war, but that is your destiny. Or you can have a tournament. In General, the scenarios are many.

As your Board, you will meet key characters that later become playable. Only nine contenders to the throne.

At the same time, the game has one slight drawback. You will notice that you have to different kings/Queens will be treated the same people with the same phrases. However, the game “Reigns: Game Of Thrones” is so interesting that it almost do not notice.

In terms of graphics the game has not changed much. The developers redrew the characters and added backgrounds and came up with over two dozen new features to your death from a disease of the Gray sickness to the family curse.

The music, too wise and just took the soundtrack from the series. Well, why not? The best solution doesn’t always have to be complicated. In this, we can say, is the success of “Reigns”: why reinvent the wheel if you can just improve it, without changing its essence.

The game has an interesting feature: characters who have nothing to hide will look in the center of the screen and characters who are lying will look away and blink often.

Overall, the game is “Reigns: Game Of Thrones” turned out to be pretty high quality. Developers have found a compromise solution between the two series that make playing easy, even if this is your first acquaintance with the “Game of Thrones” or “Reigns”.


Badland Brawl 

  • Developer: Frogmind
  • Cost: free

Badland Brawl” is an ambitious game that gets constantly updated and many new features. The main mode in the game is multiplayer, where you play against real players. The gameplay is the following: there is a field with two towers, one of which is yours, the other opponent. A tower is able to generate different clones, each of which has its own special abilities. Using the catapult you’ll release the generated clones that are on the map fighting with the clones of the opponent. Task — to destroy the tower, the generator of the enemy.

Due to the fact that you play with real players, make it pretty difficult. As you progress through the levels you are eggs, discovering that it is possible to get different clones and improve the existing ones.

Having a lot of clones, they can complete the squad, which will be available during battles. Clones able to interact with each other. For example, if you throw a bomb, and then clone with the hammer, he when approaching a bomb hit it, to hit the enemy tower and exploded. In the game you can also create tribes for battle 2 to 2.

The great advantage of “Badland Brawl” can be called a schedule, she is extremely bright and colorful. In addition, well-designed and physics. Such a conclusion can be drawn on the behavior of arrows and other dynamic objects, such as bombs.

The quality of the game is not worse than the famous “Badland”, and this is not surprising because the developer of these games one Studio Frogmind. If you’re a fan of “Clash of Clans” and any other similar games, “Badland Brawl” you will love it.


Cut It: Brain Puzzles 

  • Developer: Son Dinh Che
  • Cost: free

On the street autumn, which every day becomes more and colder and our brain reacts to the situation accordingly. He thinks about warm clothes and sadly recalls warm summer days… configured to work or study at this time is very difficult, so there is a risk of a scolding from his superiors or teachers. To avoid these problems will help you play the “Cut It: Brain Puzzles”, where you will learn to think several steps ahead and how to stretch your grey matter for an upcoming labor.

Description of the game offers to become a “cutting master”. In addition, the developers promise to improve your logical thinking with the help of hundreds of unique levels.

The challenge to “Cut It: Brain Puzzles” are simple. Each level must contain a couple of stars and a few geometric shapes. Your task — to collect all the stars. For this you need to force objects to touch them.

All you is available from tools — only the dotted line, which cuts geometric shapes. Look at the level. Located in the middle of the balloon, on either side of him you can see the stars. It is obvious that to go to the next you must cut the figure in half. Halves fall in opposite directions and touch the stars. The problem is solved.

The game also come in fixed shapes. In this case you need to cut off one part and force the rest to go through the whole level.

The shapes are different, sometimes difficult to understand how to get to the finish line. To experiment — not ashamed. Even if the negative outcome you just get a lower final grade. If anything, hit restart and go through the level with distinction.

The physics in the game deserves only positive reviews. Objects fall exactly as they should. They can even get stuck in the pipe, if the owner of the smartphone will cut a figure not the same shape.

“Cut It: Brain Puzzles” is a great option to develop imagination and to learn to think several steps ahead. The game has good physics and a gradual increase in difficulty levels. The game will not only help you pass the time, but will spend it wisely.

Run An Empire


  • Developer: Location Games Limited
  • Cost: free

Run An Empire” is an application for iOS and Android where you want to lead your Kingdom to prosperity, running on the real streets. You will start as a small tribe, but if you are diligent, you can become a real Empire.

The essence of the game is to capture the hexagonal cells. For moving through them give coins that can be spent to purchase a variety of buildings and units. This, in turn, accelerates the development: production, increase profit, and so on.

The more you run, the faster you can move from one era to another. In each of them — their themed buildings and units. Gradually it will be possible to reach the diesel era, and later, to the space age.

To begin to appropriate land, just click on the button at the bottom of the screen, put the phone in your pocket and go. But any time you look at a map to know where the nearest treasure chest or lock, which is available for capture. The faster you run, the more you get money.

By clicking the button in the top left corner, you can view information about your runs: distance, pace, time, and number of coins collected. There is an opportunity to snap fitness service Strava: to do this, go to settings and create the game account.

Runtastic Heart Rate PRO 

  • Developer: runtastic
  • Cost: just $1.99

Recently Apple has focused on creating software for fixing physiological parameters of users. This has been more evident with the release of a new version of the Apple Watch. Not to lag behind new trends and third-party providers of applications for mobile devices.

So, one of the most famous software developers to track health indicators of the Austrian company Runtastic is regularly updated with new versions of such software. One of the interesting solutions of this manufacturer is the app “Runtastic Heart Rate PRO”, designed to measure heart rate.

The developers have equipped the program is not only a function of measuring heart rate, but also the ability to sort data by categories (after the pulse load, pulse at rest, etc.).

Below are the main option, simply open the app “Runtastic Heart Rate PRO” tab “Measure” and put a finger to both the camera and the flash.

The results can be displayed in a graph, save them on the website runtastic.com and send in the social network. There is also a reminder function of the planned measurement.

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