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The # 1 Smash Hit!


T-Crisis 100%™


Version 5.9 Remix


(for ALL Palm O.S.® P.D.A.s and Smartphones)

(All, except palm pre)

Do you have the skills to beat Crisis+Mode™?



UPDATED - Accidental power off on Centro FIXED !!!!!!





"T-Crisis 100%™" Version 5.9 Remix Features:

Play 100% FREE perfect Tetri_

with amazing graphics, sound, and music

on your Palm PDA or SmartPhone!


- 100% FREE fun! -

- Runs 100% perfectly on any Palm with O.S. 3.5 or higher -

- 100% arcade perfect Gamebo_ Tetri_ to Palm conversion of the original -

- Beautiful full color and high resolution visual graphics -

- Awesome digital sound effects -

- Amazing digitally orchestrated soundtrack featuring over 40+ minutes of CD quality music! -

- Perfect control with available 5-way navigator and hard buttons or use your pen stylus to control pieces -

- 7 different and exciting game modes including original Gamebo_ mode and the incredibly unique "Crisis+Mode"! -

- Saved high scores table for each game mode -

- Fully customizable game options and saved game preferences, including: -

new game garbage level, new game start level,

display next piece on/off, display drop shadow on/off, display background on/off,

sound effects and music volume, button configuration

- Limited edition includes the controversial history of this game -

- NEW in "Remix": Two additional pulse pounding bonus music tracks -

- NEW in "Remix": Piece colors improved -

- NEW in "Remix": Change in game music by typing [p] letter with Treo keyboard -


With over 150,000+ downloads in a previous c|net release,

“T-Crisis 100%” has been hailed as: “The Greatest FREE Palm Tetri_ Game Of All Time”...




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